Bees & Honey

French Hill Apiaries offer queen bees, nucleus honey bee colonies, and honey to our customers. Please contact us for more information



In my queen breeding program, quality - not quantity - is the focus. We raise some twelve hundred queens each summer, half for use by French Hill Apiaries and half available for sale to other beekeepers. I can ship queens across North America, to both the United States and Canada.

Availability is limited. I have a number of existing customers that order every year. Once I add these orders to my schedule, I fill in with new customers. I’ll do the best I can to service your request.

Remaining open dates:

August 4, 8


Nucleus Colonies

French Hill Apiaries offers superior quality overwintered nucleus colonies each spring.

These colonies are made the previous summer, built up as a cohesive unit and wintered that way. We do not take our bees out of state to warmer climates. These bees are tested by Vermont’s long months of deep cold, snow and ice. If our bees come out healthy and strong in the spring, we know they’re good enough to sell to our customers.

Note: Nucleus colonies are sold out for 2019

Honey Jar 3.jpg


The 2018 honey crop is excellent, due to a great nectar flow in June. This delicious blend of brambles, sumac, and clover has a mild flavor, with no bite at the finish. One of the best honeys we’ve made in years.

5 gallon buckets are $186 plus shipping.

Contact Mike to discuss barrel prices.